I Rev.D.P.S JOTHI PRAKASH  as the Head of the Organization of REAP MINISTRIES (Organization name) hereby nominate Rev.D.P.S JOTHI PRAKASH  as Facilitator for this AL Project who will administer  and Supervise the program in a successful way.

The nominated person will settle the payments with original bills in favour of  SEVA BHARAT and send the program reports as policy.

I declare that I shall be responsible for successful completion of the program and achieving the objectives. In case the project does not run well or is stopped in between, I shall abide by the discretion of SEVA BHARAT  management.


Place: Sholavaram,

Ponneri Taluk,

Thiruvallur District

Chennai-600 067

Date : 10.03.2018 


I am born in a Christian family. Both my father late Mr.R.E.Dawson (Wesley High School) and my mother Mrs. Glory Dawson (school for the deaf) were teachers.

I am married to Mariamma alias Mercy on the 24th may 1982. Blessed with two children a girl and a boy. my daughter Mrs.Beulah John is married to Mr. John P.Jacob and have two sons by name Stephen John and Jacob John. My son Mr. Immanuel Ebenezer Prakash went to be with the Lord on 9th November 2016.

I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour in the year 1980 and immediately started doing Evangelistic Ministry in the rural areas and city slums.

I got ordained on 13th March 1986 as the Pastor and Minister of the Gospel by Late.Bishop. Rev.Dr.Augustine N.Peters, Director. World Wide Missions. “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua:24:15
Pr. Jothi Prakash, founder of Reap Minisrtries   vision started in the year 1981 when Pr..D.P.S. Jothiprakash worked in C.S.I Kalyani General Hospital, Mylapore, Chennai 600004. He had the opportunity to work in the slums of Chennai as a Social Worker. In the year 1997 he decided to start a trust and work for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor, HIV/AIDS patients and their families. Now this Ministry is involved in Evangelisation, Church Planting, Strengthening Prayer Cells and establishing new Churches in the unreached places of our Country. 


I am M.Vignesh (Victor) born in a Hindu family. When I was about one year. I fell very sick and about to die. Doctors said I will not survive. Then my mother took me to  black magicians. As that didn’t work. At that time Rev.Jothiprakash came to our area and prayed for me. God healed me and all our family members accepted Lord Jesus Christ and became Christian. I live in Devaneri Erular Colony, Sholavaram Post, Ponneri Taluk, Thiruvallur District. I have an older sister who is studying in the college. Now I am studying Std XI. My parents are coolies. We also have a Chappel in our tribal village. Both my parents are Illitrates. Me and My sister are the only educated in our community. We want to worship Lord Jesus Christ and be a testimony and work for His Kingdom.

Please Pray for me.


I am D.Daisy Rani, I am  born in a C.S.I.  family. My Husband late Mr. Kamalanathan was in E.C.I Church. So I moved to E.C.I. Church after my marriage. I am a member of E.C.I. Church for 12 years. In 1996 my husband died. I have 2 children with great suffering I brought them up. I Joined one hospital as  a helper for eight years. I help in village ministries. I am also involved in free medical camps for the poor and the needy.

Please pray for us.


I am J.Shobana  born in a Christian family by the grace of God I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my Personal Saviour and took baptism. I started going to ACA Church Kolathur and filled with the Holy Sprit. In that Church I started involving myself in children’s ministry in slum areas. In 2012 by the grace of god. I married Pr.John Mani. God blessed us with two boys. We moved to Sholavaram area, in Karanodai by the guidence of the Holy Spirt and we have started a church in that area we are involved in Village Ministry, Children Ministry and Youth Ministry. We also distribute Gospel Tracts and conducted Medical Camps in our area by the Grace of God. Now with the Grace of God and by His guidance we want to do all the work for Him for the establishment of His Kingdom.

Please pray for us.


I am T.R.Pushpa   born in a C Roman Catholic  family. In 1999 I married a Spiritual man and God blessed us with two girls. I started moving close to the Lord and took Baptism in 2004. Now by the Grace of God  we are ministering for the women in Sholavaram and pray for the needs of the needy women and their families for the past 3 ½  years. In our area we also do Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. By the Grace of God we want to do lot more for the expansion if His Kingdom. May God give in the Grace to do so.

Please pray for us.