Reap Ministries


Reap Ministries is committed to develop human potential and the community in the areas of social, economic, cultural and self-governance, addressing the livelihood issues and the rights of people, the target community adhivasis, women, children, disabled persons and the other unorganized.

Reap Ministries is working in Gudalur Taluk, among adhivasi villages, for the empowerment of adhivasi community with special focus on women and children. RM visualizes a society that ensures human rights for all without discrimination and inequality, especially for adhivasi women on the basis of right approaches and to organize them to internalize their status and motivate them to uphold their rights.


“To bring up the adhivasi scheduled Tribe people and the needy in social economic cultural and political areas of their community life’.


‘To revive Adhivasis” identity to pass on their traditional wisdom, values knowledge, Traditional Medicines and culture. To promote environmental sustainability and right over natural resources and forest regeneration, gender protection and promotion of women’s rights and equality”


 To improve their standard of living and document the traditional scientific knowledge and skills of the Tribal women especially in the field of Traditional Medicines.
 To empowerment of the Tribal tribe with special focus on women and children to impart socio-economic and cultural awareness through village associations among the Irulas about their identity and legal rights.
 To protect and promote adhivasi rights particularly women and children.
 To improve the economic situation of the adhivasis especially the Tribal women through income generation activities.

Major programmes and Activities

 Livelihood development of scheduled tribes through indigenous knowledge.

 Literacy and capacity building programmers and training camps.

 Forest conservation and regeneration and local resources protection..

 Village reconstruction and assets building for the poor and marginalized

 Adhivasi development with indigenous culture and wisdom.

 Gender equity and gender sensitization programmers for women and men.

 Networking and policy intervention with organization and movements.

 Organizational development process including staff development.

 Research, documentation and publication.

V. Project Objectives

1. To create sustainable source of income from the forest produces.

2. To provide continual employment for identified Tribals.

3. To abolish middleman system in the area and deliver them from indebtedness.

4. To increase their standard of living and awareness level on livelihood opportunities.

5. To motivate them in savings to secure life.

6. To link government schemes and training for their development.

7. To provide a platform and infrastructure for all advises to practice their arts and culture and to preserve their traditional livelihood.